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- there's already enough negative effects from incursions. the empire ones are being cleared long bef ...2011.01.31 19:59:00
- Sometimes being so far as to allow campers to catch ships. For PVE it will significantly slow down l ...2011.01.31 18:59:00
- Instas and scouting reduce the risk factor there by a substantial amount. These things require more ...2011.01.30 08:49:00
- Nope. Despite all the carebear tears Level 5 missions were all moved to lowsec. Hopefully Level 4 mi ...2011.01.29 19:40:00
- And btw he didn't log with aggression timer. Bob had a spy that smartbombed him in the POS right bef ...2011.01.28 13:56:00
- lol at "passive" drake effectd by neutshe means passive regen as oppose to using active shield boost ...2011.01.28 12:09:00
- All I am saying is there MIGHT be a balance mismatch between the races that i not compensated throug ...2011.01.23 19:01:00
- This guy is definitely a master baiter ...2011.01.19 15:48:00
- higher level npc can have more than one locked target. why shouldn't they switch targets, if their ...2011.01.11 18:26:00
- So, to liven things up a bit ..a courier can be ambushed from system A to system B We could even h ...2011.01.08 17:07:00
- For as long as I can remember there has always been this debate about whether or not to make wrecks ...2010.12.30 17:17:00
- discussion has strayed from balance, to implementation. of course it could be put in game, quite ea ...2010.12.29 16:25:00
- may be unintended, but as there's gm posts explaining exactly how to do it, and encouraging players ...2010.12.25 22:25:00
- as i understand, the slider lets you set min / max sec. so if you have negative sec status you can a ...2010.12.24 09:27:00
- op speaks of changing ecm because it's 'not fun'. like most things, it's not fun being on the rece ...2010.12.24 04:50:00

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