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- Edited by: RuleoftheBone on 07/12/2010 14:46:01 Edited by: RuleoftheBone on 07/12/2010 14:45:42 Ed ...2010.12.07 14:42:00
- Don't be a sissy.Fit a point. Linger at ~24km off gate/jump bridge/WH. Decloak...point...THEN launch ...2010.11.15 10:39:00
- We miss your emo ranting in Alliance chat Lilan and Butters :DWow I'm sure they miss having to carry ...2010.11.12 08:45:00
- WH jump range is 5000m. De cloak range is 2000mFYPHe means when you jump through a hole, you end u ...2010.11.09 15:31:00
- Also on the subject...while WH's are randomish when probing from empire I always always always find ...2010.11.09 15:28:00
- How many WHs are out there at any given time? So far in all the odd highsec WH I found, someone was ...2010.11.09 11:22:00
- Imho the matar one should be the worst one significantly. It is a bs class + high tech ship where m ...2010.11.09 11:06:00
- Actually its not a free pass.Pilot "A" jumps thru WH. Pilot "B" scrambles "A" on the other side Pi ...2010.11.09 10:59:00
- Edited by: RuleoftheBone on 08/11/2010 22:34:29 Interesting so you are saying skip the professional ...2010.11.08 22:31:00
- Edited by: RuleoftheBone on 08/11/2010 19:53:17 Small suggestion:As you are running C1/C2's solo wi ...2010.11.08 19:51:00
- My 2 ISK as someone who has spent "some" time in one. * Swap the cloaked velocity bonus for a jump/ ...2010.11.08 17:06:00
- Hats off...nobody does this stuff better.May as well delete 99.9% of C+P for the last 2 years and le ...2010.11.04 12:49:00
- we will start courting some of the major players; Dead Terrorists and Mercenary Coalition are the to ...2010.10.28 14:13:00
- Prime Example: thats some funny **** right ther ...2010.10.19 14:43:00
- I beg to differ.You can nuke cruisers and below if you can catch them with MWD on. And its really fu ...2010.10.17 14:33:00

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