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- Because your reputation is not tied simply to KB stats or Employment History.And even if it was, it ...2010.10.20 09:09:00
- Mercenary Group + Conquerable space = Bad ...2010.10.17 00:34:00
- Yes i do understand that null sec is based on PvP, it is the best part. I really did not take that ...2010.10.09 21:34:00
- In 2004/2005 killing someone after they paid the ransom was one of the biggest shame ever, or at l ...2010.09.19 21:20:00
- Edited by: Liam Fremen on 13/09/2010 19:02:45 Might just be me on the grunt level Liam but I cannot ...2010.09.13 19:02:00
- Edited by: Liam Fremen on 13/09/2010 19:03:34Remember that one of the biggest difference between sou ...2010.09.13 18:52:00
- Warning: Bitter post.I bet C0ven and SE will be ready to fight to death for AAA like they did for At ...2010.09.13 16:17:00
- Funny how u all think this is Bobby's fault ... no its not Bobby's fault ... bobby like very other p ...2010.08.30 19:14:00
- Edited by: Liam Fremen on 30/08/2010 18:05:19 Edited by: Manfred Sideous on 30/08/2010 16:23:28 Ny ...2010.08.30 18:05:00
- I'll make someone sell my Erebus on ebay and pay my funeral with the money he get. ...2010.07.25 19:48:00
- When i started playing back in 2004 adv learning were not existing, then the advanced learning arr ...2010.07.03 13:23:00
- Good Luck guys :)Try to do better then what i did learning by my mistakes too, sys-k is something ...2010.06.26 09:52:00
- long story short, liam left the game Sadly this is true, i had to leave nearly without notice all ...2010.05.20 17:18:00
- Edited by: Liam Fremen on 28/02/2010 04:44:00 1. Has the cost of holding space increased compared t ...2010.02.28 04:42:00
- Edited by: Liam Fremen on 28/02/2010 04:33:16 Guys are you sure you seriously want to take any sov ...2010.02.28 04:33:00

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