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- Large figure swept across the sand in a hurry. As it exited the shadows cast upon the Sacred Grou ...2004.12.04 12:31:00
- Edited by: Seth Fix on 20/08/2004 18:33:42 *Seth Fix lowers his head* -Voshoud! -You plea for c ...2004.08.20 18:31:00
- We are glad you declared war on us. But now see you for the gutless wonders you are. Gloating about ...2004.08.20 11:21:00
- big bad baby buu bouncing ball back ...2004.07.17 15:57:00
- You are right about player corps hoarding them,it's just nature of things,but I can't say that you ...2004.07.05 10:44:00

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