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- Question... why doesn't the game/devs allow gas-harvesters on Barges and Exhumers - this seems the l ...2011.07.31 11:33:00
- Pheusia,145,123,124,99,82,85,61,17 ...2011.07.28 08:59:00
- This simply makes sense. You can't lose se in 0.0 so there's no reason to gain it there either. It w ...2011.04.18 09:13:00
- Paging Team BFF to this thread! ...2011.04.07 08:35:00
- No idea how people make and keep billions. The bolded part is the bit I think is important. I have n ...2011.01.07 13:43:00
- I'm going to throw it out there!How do people make billions and billions of isk?I have tried mining, ...2011.01.06 13:58:00
- 1. Make slight changes to memory assignments or variables names once a month that break bot appli ...2011.01.06 13:29:00
- Whilst I agree that it should be a bigger commitment from the organisation that is declaring war, t ...2011.01.06 12:43:00
- Yes, people do use it for PVE, but you shouldn't forget two things:That DPS looks good on paper, but ...2011.01.05 20:01:00
- i don't care if somone talked about this before, it should be that way, somone steals what's yours, ...2011.01.05 17:10:00
- AC Mael is excellent for Angel Havens and ring Sanctums. ...2011.01.05 17:06:00
- So where is the non-player sov space these days...Same regions it's always been; Curse, Syndicate, ...2011.01.05 15:21:00
- The price of ice used to be above 100k. The buyers know that most macro ice miners will sell thier ...2011.01.05 13:14:00
- The Scourge I think said it had a flight time of 10,000 secondsEuropean notation. That's 10.00 seco ...2011.01.04 23:21:00
- Passive tank and sieges are pretty much the only way to go with a raven. Cruises have their narrow a ...2011.01.04 22:46:00

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