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- If PvE risk/reward is the same in hisec as nullsec, nullsec people who are funding their action an ...2011.08.19 09:55:00
- i disagree, i have moved home a few times but apart from shopping trips to jita and temporarily basi ...2011.08.17 14:02:00
- and it makes perfect sense and ties into sov and why youd want to hold space, AND would intergrate w ...2011.08.17 13:53:00
- well yes and no but the botters are making enough isk they can buy plex and not subscribe to ccp, he ...2011.08.17 13:50:00
- hacking could work, but then i still think the intel gatherer should have the option of deploying 'd ...2011.08.17 13:38:00
- if they identify it as a bot just stick to the normal of permaban account plus all other accounts of ...2011.08.17 13:27:00
- the only, and i mean only way it might work is if you could utterly lock down a system (take a bow c ...2011.08.17 13:13:00
- to help on the self destructing big ships (which does frustrate small gangs, i was in a hac gang we ...2011.08.17 13:10:00
- no you just see more botting and alts, and i imagine the coding issues of that idea would make ccp c ...2011.08.17 13:02:00
- ahh with that addition okay then objection removed, unclaimed is worse slightly, lvl1 upgrade is equ ...2011.08.17 13:00:00
- i call that the clue im not actually japanese, people still dont get it, and sushbut yeah i think bo ...2011.08.17 09:51:00
- Edited by: Takashi Halamoto on 17/08/2011 09:28:08 actually there are players who do mine ore in nu ...2011.08.17 09:26:00
- Edited by: Takashi Halamoto on 17/08/2011 09:06:55 TL:DR - intel should be about bob trying to get ...2011.08.17 09:05:00
- also to sonya,if npc null became the best payouts, best rats, best loot, best everything,why own spa ...2011.08.17 08:59:00
- why just ice do it with ores as well, so you have your three types of veldspar,lowsec gets the cryst ...2011.08.17 08:54:00

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