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- Ok, come on CCP you can do better than this. I watched the video and they guy you had acting the par ...2011.07.07 21:04:00
- NOIf eve turns into a money grubbing ***** I'm out. My accounts will be deleated and I will not be r ...2011.06.29 05:48:00
- Agreed, this is a step in the wrong direction. Supported ...2010.10.31 07:49:00
- Edited by: Velan Wolf on 29/10/2010 01:10:11 Edited by: Velan Wolf on 29/10/2010 01:02:16What is th ...2010.10.29 00:14:00
- Edited by: Velan Wolf on 26/10/2010 14:41:08 I realize that this would be a pricey build but I was ...2010.10.26 14:18:00
- NO ...2010.10.23 13:07:00
- Not supported.While I understand the redundant nature of this skill set, they provide a valid mechan ...2010.10.23 12:41:00
- Corp forums would fit better under the corps eve gate site then being nested under the main eve foru ...2010.10.23 11:25:00
- Do not want, this would be really out of character for eve. Honestly if I wanted pets and such I wou ...2010.10.23 11:23:00
- Agree as well. I hope this is a feature for the new forum there rolling out sometime after the next ...2010.10.23 11:17:00
- I was thinking of something similar to allow for the ability to retrain unused skills into something ...2010.10.23 09:58:00
- Agreed and Supported ...2010.07.16 01:28:00

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