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- shocking..... think someone needs to lay of the drugs ...2004.08.01 19:46:00
- best banana shake i ever had was in Aswaan, for a grand total of 20p ...2004.07.31 09:46:00
- Edited by: Joe Blob on 31/07/2004 09:46:49 damn buttons, delete pls ...2004.07.31 09:45:00
- Edited by: Joe Blob on 31/07/2004 09:44:16 Hey, I played Postal, and I only killed 6 ppl with a sho ...2004.07.31 09:43:00
- f you know the first name and surname, and they own the house (not entirely necessary) you can locat ...2004.07.31 02:23:00
- 1983 BMW 528i se, no pics til i pick it up from garage wednesday. ...2004.07.31 02:20:00
- Do they own the house or is it rented? ...2004.07.30 21:01:00
- Edited by: Joe Blob on 30/07/2004 13:49:59 It never ceases to amaze me how a certain number of mine ...2004.07.30 13:48:00
- Good god your ugly sutttyLol, i hear that.... but back on topic...Its not just miners and such that ...2004.07.29 09:33:00
- Attrael, you have a serious problem, really you do. You should see someone about that inferiority co ...2004.07.28 23:49:00
- Edited by: Attrael on 28/07/2004 19:14:35 a SOLUTION to carebearismTired of running from ebil pk pi ...2004.07.28 22:02:00
- For all those who think these changes are greatFirst CCP came for the Pirates, and I didnít speak ...2004.07.27 21:04:00
- No, its the red pills i need..... our clan forums the post and reply are the other way round, it wa ...2004.07.27 11:05:00
- Take ****loads of alts with kessies and rockets and go shoot people in high that i like the ...2004.07.27 10:08:00
- Its what usually happens when someone had procured the services of Daddies credit card, is usually w ...2004.07.27 09:59:00

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