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- Best, by far (well... at least the difference can be seen): Image three The first and second are in ...2007.06.15 20:44:00
- Oveur will be there showing off Relevations 2 according to the news. I won't be there to see it, th ...2007.06.14 19:00:00
- I've heard rumors (more or less) about individuals with 1 trilion (1000 billion) ISK. ^^ ...2007.06.13 18:29:00
- Very Close,but where are half your mods to?? You can hide passive modules ...2007.06.13 11:22:00
- Teewars will soon pwn Soldat. It's playable already, I advise you give it a shot - and realize that ...2007.06.06 20:35:00
- My Cmd+V (on OS X )blackStarA variable name, I was doing some scripting to show info from iTunes on ...2007.06.03 19:47:00
- Haven't checked, but I can say with 99% certainty that they don't. ...2007.05.29 12:41:00
- Very nice, made me happy to read. One thing, though, it's quite unfair. I bet there are at least a ...2007.05.28 20:06:00
- Because clearly, trollish comments like that make up for the fact that you have added absolutely n ...2007.05.27 18:01:00
- PICS! ...2007.05.27 17:52:00
- It would make ZERO sense from a RP perspective to have NPC pirates in high-sec, why would CONCORD/lo ...2007.05.27 14:06:00
- Updated numbers in. Took 6 hours.Mothership Nyx (329) Aeon (208) Wyvern (184) Hel (81)Aren't tho ...2007.05.27 13:14:00
- No point in obsessing over stacking penalties too much, either. I can't think of any module where th ...2007.05.27 10:40:00
- if the server is down i.e. DT the db is also down - the db is where you do everything so no db == no ...2007.05.25 18:40:00
- "Are you buying Vista for your buisness?"No, I'm buying it because the new EVE graphic engine requir ...2007.05.24 17:50:00

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