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- I don't understand the problem here. If they're AFK then they can't hurt you. ...2010.09.01 20:21:00
- This torrent of whine has broken my spirit, i too start to feel that incarna will be like eating pre ...2010.08.04 18:55:00
- I for one was waiting for this 7 years and first thing i didnt like about eve was wtf are my avatars ...2010.08.04 18:40:00
- "urgently needed Dev resources" that would be doing... what, exactly? The people working on Incarn ...2010.08.04 18:28:00
- Edited by: Aralyn Cormallen on 04/08/2010 10:39:40 As loaded as the original post is, there is a se ...2010.08.04 12:35:00
- - Firstly most players are mainly miners/missioners.Currently you can mine and mission and sociali ...2010.08.04 12:22:00
- Has CCP announced what they intend to do with walking-in-stations, to begin with?Add to the game. B ...2010.08.04 12:17:00
- Whilst I am sceptical of Incarna itself improving gameplay for me personally, there is little inform ...2010.08.04 12:12:00
- Edited by: B1FF on 02/08/2010 17:37:40 In EVE, I fly spaceships. I shoot at other spaceships, cont ...2010.08.02 17:37:00
- Gambling and poker, that really cool tabletop war game CCP showed us at fanfest,None of this require ...2010.07.30 19:41:00
- socialise and enjoy the added depth it brings, and no, you don't have to.Really? Really? Next time ...2010.07.30 19:00:00
- Before I waste my time answering these mostly irrelevant questions, please keep in mind that the dis ...2010.07.27 19:11:00
- I see the info posted in an intel channel from someone who saw you on grid as you entered earlierWha ...2010.07.27 18:46:00
- I maintain that stance. My words in many posts and indeed, my proposal back that up. I don't want ...2010.07.27 18:38:00
- Impresive to see the AOC and WAR failures so clearly.Especially nice to see that their HUGE marketin ...2010.07.05 19:53:00

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