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- Make sure you build a 1 year skill plan first. You can only remap once per year. ...2010.05.06 19:37:00
- This is the best thing to do when you take a break from the game. Don't cancel your account. Train l ...2010.05.06 19:30:00
- Would be nice to be able to cancel the currently selected rate of extraction. Will allow for people ...2010.04.30 04:59:00
- Will do. Thanks for the link, man. ...2010.04.29 20:43:00
- For some clarity here's an example:I've got 3 extractors. Each one has a different flow rate. Every ...2010.04.29 15:06:00
- Ok it only took a couple of days for me to figure out PI. It looks pretty good. Not difficult to fig ...2010.04.29 14:54:00
- The problem I had last night is the raws became increasingly depleted in the spot I had my set up. F ...2010.04.28 22:56:00
- 25% Production 75% MissionsI want to expand into something with more oomph, but that takes a lot mo ...2010.04.16 21:59:00
- I think it's pretty decent. Planetary interaction is going to be fun. +1 from me.This content patch ...2010.04.16 21:52:00
- ITT FW plays CAOD games. lol ...2010.04.16 15:08:00
- Actually I think splitting up your objectives could be a good way to go about battling this blob thi ...2010.04.12 18:33:00
- No this does look like a future to me (with what limited knowledge I have of them).Basically RL scen ...2010.04.09 20:11:00
- No trit? I assumed the haulers were full of trit since they are in 0.0? They just carry NPC trade go ...2010.04.07 16:18:00
- is this person who is locking you having any negative impact on you whatsoever? Locking som ...2010.04.06 21:37:00
- Thanks for all the replies. Sounds pretty much as I expected, so will be putting up a WTB soon. ...2010.04.05 17:38:00

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