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- How do you get any sleep between the monster under your bed and the one in the closet? ...2011.05.24 09:01:00
- CCP vision for EVE is milking the cow as much as it's physically possible and pray that enough peopl ...2011.05.24 08:49:00
- That's not a QA issue, it's a design issue - I forgot about covops subsystems when I was speccing ou ...2011.05.22 21:18:00
- Out of curiosity how's exploration in drone regions? All regions get some drone anomalies and signat ...2011.05.22 18:03:00
- My mission got completed by a GM in the end, which will pass on the issue to QA... ...2011.05.22 17:52:00
- Edited by: Caius Sivaris on 22/05/2011 17:29:33 A valid question is raised in this thread - when CC ...2011.05.22 17:27:00
- I filed a bug report.They didn't know what the heck I was talking about, so they closed the bug. Wh ...2011.05.22 16:29:00
- No I got in a huff and posted here... :pDidn't think of that, sounds reasonable. The "skills not ap ...2011.05.22 16:08:00
- Is there any point to doing Storyline missions now?I haven't seen faction standing actually do anyth ...2011.05.22 16:03:00
- Hi,The mission I'm talking about is Oldest Profession from the Gallente epic mission arc.I have kill ...2011.05.22 15:47:00
- Maybe worth pointing that we kill far more people than the OP let think, t ...2011.05.21 22:08:00
- Now, to most of the repliers, i will clarify: i am professional software developer with almost 15 ye ...2011.04.02 02:31:00
- Incredibly compelling gameplay, new customers are trampling over each other to get in line to subscr ...2011.03.31 15:39:00
- Hey everyone :) For a while now I had a Nemesis in my docking bay because I love the Tristan hull a ...2011.03.31 02:00:00
- CCP is desperate to get rid of the excess PLEX in the economy to try to avoid a crash. Next charity ...2011.03.31 00:49:00

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