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- Adios hombres. Thanks for the loots. ...2011.06.01 00:21:00
- The ship and cargo scanning mechanic does need some love. Smuggling and other activities can emerge ...2011.04.03 19:26:00
- Had a lot of fun with you guys back in syndicate during my notr days, both in gang and against each ...2010.09.15 15:08:00
- 3 tickets ...2010.05.04 04:49:00
- No Trademark would love you rent you DP34-U down by the JQV section of Syndicate. We currently have ...2009.12.29 16:27:00
- Forgive my ignorance and not having the time yet to repatch Sisi and check myself. But with the mot ...2009.11.24 18:32:00
- i will re-iterate thiswe call then courier contractsno change neededeven if an alt of the player doe ...2009.09.01 18:50:00
- you can already do this ingame, everyday, why change itwe call it a courier contract in notrthanks f ...2009.08.31 22:11:00
- with all the keylogging going on these days, i am definitly not clicking any of those links ...2009.08.31 21:53:00
- The best moment in eve was when SK Rooster was quadruple bubbled in the eo2 station by Foundation, w ...2009.05.07 19:10:00
- Wusti, I have a fenrir for sale if you guys are short one and need it, 10% off jita too if you act f ...2009.05.06 12:52:00
- In the last 10 months, OSS disbanded, HF got moon happy, NOTR went on vacation partially with Sot pa ...2009.05.03 05:43:00
- This post is still alive ? thats even more fail then the failure event.^^ thisps: wusti, refer to m ...2009.05.03 05:38:00
- Breaking news, NOTR best at backstabbing and terrible ops. you know you like D for C.... true story ...2009.04.30 23:06:00
- They care about NOTR as much as they care about Failzah.Lucetarian is my b!tch ...2009.04.26 17:22:00

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