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- I dont want a avatar that is kinda black because the lightings off, I want one that is actually blac ...2010.10.21 14:35:00
- Thats pretty ****ed up. and kinda funny.(and I'm Haitian too).Black People Unite! ...2010.10.21 06:23:00
- I want to have the choice to make an avatar that is the same skin color as myself "BLACK". Why must ...2010.10.21 05:47:00
- What he said^^^^ , and you cant even put a unpackaged shuttle in your frieghter..... ...2009.12.09 17:43:00
- probably war dec all the people that post in MD ...2009.11.20 05:09:00
- one for Draig Goch ...2009.10.26 17:02:00

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