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- Hmm, another turn in eve. Things sometimes go well and sometimes they go bad, Ximi is gay and this ...2009.07.10 01:32:00
- go the foff AUS wing!!!! ...2009.01.20 01:32:00
- weak cmon agmar what you need is more no pants roams (underwear optional)well see you back in game s ...2008.09.16 04:41:00
- Bob taking down cyno jammer, L2E logs into a trap as we have scanned down his logoff point before. ...2008.08.22 08:54:00
- Edited by: XimiaTiggles on 23/07/2008 04:40:01 2r small battle report (i died half way through so.. ...2008.07.23 04:38:00
- if we give you spathi, wags and xrak will you leave our pos alone? ...2008.06.18 12:17:00
- .I happen to have the inside scoop on BOB. Within the next month or so you can expect them all to q ...2008.05.06 07:58:00
- IS this the end of MC/Tortuga?I give it 2 weeks, max. It seems MC are losing space/battles faster th ...2008.04.27 23:23:00
- 1: jake nuble (best mwa pilot ever) 2: cheng (yep) 3: Savagepig (his 10 curse/10 guardian roaming ...2008.04.14 05:55:00
- bump ...2008.04.11 01:15:00
- bump it up ...2008.04.10 00:21:00
- Edited by: XimiaTiggles on 11/04/2008 01:13:55 Teireis modified large rep 300mDark Blood Large EMP ...2008.04.08 23:49:00
- Let me get this straight.Mollie plays a "uh we dont need you really really but please help us. Pleas ...2008.04.03 04:13:00
- incorrect, we had a roaming gang of 40 all support bc and lower iac jumped into us in rr-, cynoed ...2008.03.17 02:02:00
- Current situation in 25s is that all iac towers are in reinforce.Im not trying to troll here guys bu ...2007.09.11 07:58:00

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