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- I cant fly the zealot or the munnin so I use my only other option for a HAC sniper and thats a Diemo ...2010.06.03 21:14:00
- I have pirated alot in frigates.....actually only in frigates and cruisers. The only 1v1 frigate tha ...2009.12.14 07:46:00
- Okay so I been training for some sniper tactics, so far my harpy has melted the face of frigs, cruis ...2009.12.14 07:31:00
- I noticed this early in the game the the caldari are inferior to other races at PvP, but lucky for m ...2009.10.17 03:24:00
- Supported by your local badass ...2009.08.29 20:50:00
- Great group of guys! ...2009.08.26 01:18:00
- Edited by: Chiniin on 03/09/2007 21:45:46 Good day.I am thinking of buying this game, and therefor ...2007.09.04 23:32:00
- Ill drop u a line only 2 mil SP though :( ...2007.08.11 20:10:00
- I want to join but only 2 mil SP ( all PvP ) :(If u still would like to recruit me jsut drop me a li ...2007.08.11 20:08:00
- I sent a message ...2007.05.16 02:01:00
- A battleship versus an Assault ship? Unless u had like 3 of em that would be a one sided fight.... ...2007.05.13 23:58:00
- gratz ...2007.05.13 23:55:00
- I had no issues at all, I simply gave the rats the middle fingure as i tore their ships apart..... ...2007.05.13 23:53:00
- Im a noob training for Interceptor, until then I use my Caracal on lvl 1 missions. It has 4425 sheil ...2007.05.13 23:52:00

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