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- Mars you sound mad broActually, I thought you sounded mad. Insanely mad. Are you?How exactly is bein ...2011.06.14 01:51:00
- Mars you sound mad bro ...2011.06.13 23:36:00
- Im glad people like orginal man are still around.Where has he gone though? We haven't finished toyin ...2011.05.11 17:34:00
- careful dude he will petition you for that. ...2011.05.09 21:48:00
- Edited by: DrysonBennington on 09/05/2011 16:22:55 Original Man - Here is the perfect Griefer count ...2011.05.09 16:28:00
- Original whiningThat might mean something if we where highsec griefers im a mission and hauling alt ...2011.05.09 16:24:00
- The Red Head the most sinister of the lot. You are truly a giggle and as about as worthless as fool' ...2011.05.09 15:26:00
- My attitude is this. I simply wanted to engage in other non-aggressive aspects of the game. I have a ...2011.05.09 15:15:00
- Edited by: Original Man on 09/05/2011 14:43:37 It is a game. But if you think reality is so complet ...2011.05.09 14:49:00
- Edited by: Original Man on 09/05/2011 14:20:01 Edited by: Original Man on 09/05/2011 14:19:35 Edit ...2011.05.09 14:26:00
- "However, threatening emails and vilification of my character may not be. It's under investigation a ...2011.05.09 14:10:00
- Edited by: Gin G on 09/05/2011 12:45:07 As im suck a liar why dont you explain to everyone what rea ...2011.05.09 12:38:00
- Now these people, this group of thieves, have resorted to can flipping my goods. If the rest of u ag ...2011.05.09 11:12:00
- Original man did you do your homework on the eve player base/community/the fact that eve is a PVP ba ...2011.05.09 10:52:00
- Thank you Miss Bedlin. Thank you for the alternative approach but I don't like Bullies and people wh ...2011.05.08 17:28:00

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