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- why would you even bother posting this?Its not like you would answer any relevant questions- or anyo ...2011.05.21 11:09:00
- Caldari State -5.24 (Bad)Zaqar is lowering the bar for trolls everywhere by proving once and for all ...2011.05.07 08:25:00
- they should make you the new security guy at CCP.this but only if hes as equally brilliant at forum ...2011.04.21 00:43:00
- As you can see botters are like ninjas... they are freakin a ninja i take offense to b ...2011.04.18 22:41:00
- you either want losses to mean something....or you dont if losses become meaningless this game lost ...2011.04.13 13:47:00
- Yes, because we needed another thread on this topic.The nerf isn't about isk. Isk doesn't affect PV ...2011.04.03 18:30:00
- Sucks to lose a fight in eve cause you have to work to replace your stuff. Seems to be about five th ...2011.04.03 17:55:00
- a joke? k, ive got onethe best way to end welfare in america is to start a program designed to help ...2011.04.02 00:38:00
- why dont we skip that step and just nerf concord lp items? ...2011.02.18 02:03:00
- Please clarify, how a T3 Frig would make the problem worse? What problem? And how worse?Well for sta ...2011.02.18 01:51:00
- Edited by: Fight Song on 02/02/2011 22:44:33 details? maybe in a sense but most details here are ir ...2011.02.02 22:43:00
- You know the game mechanics involved?Its not about how many ships killed, its one ship every 15 mins ...2011.02.02 22:18:00
- i would not only like to see the overview freeze come back but i want a targeted picture freeze as w ...2011.01.24 02:35:00
- 2.6 bill ...2011.01.09 03:20:00
- As the minimum hasnt been met, the auction is terminated w/o an outcome. Though because of a minima ...2011.01.05 21:36:00

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