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- It changes their signature radius, so it affects everybody/everything who tries to lock and/or attac ...2007.12.06 20:35:00
- Your "tank" is your ability to absorb damage. This can be by being so fast you don't get hit by tur ...2007.11.08 05:05:00
- Missiles are very forgiving when it comes to range, have good range to begin with (and can get +125% ...2007.11.07 19:09:00
- Yes, you can use station repair services on them. ...2007.11.07 13:49:00
- Actually, in the image, I'll also need a Show Info with the Modules subtab displayed. Can never kee ...2007.11.07 04:00:00
- do I need to take a friggin screenshot before I can get a serious answer?Yes. I want a screenshot o ...2007.11.07 03:52:00
- You are referring to a single "125mm Railgun I" taking up huge amounts of resources on your Cormoran ...2007.11.07 01:35:00
- Which will spare you the trouble of having to ask your pleasant enemies for their loss mails when yo ...2007.11.06 19:34:00
- If you're in the same player-owned corporation, you're fine.Other than that, the looting of each oth ...2007.11.01 20:38:00
- The "exceptions" being outposts not stations. Yes?"Taking exception" being a phrase indicating disp ...2007.11.01 20:35:00
- POS = Player owned structure = Starbase = Control tower with other items anchored inside or near the ...2007.11.01 19:40:00
- It's 0.5% of the difference between where you were before the standing and 10 (likewise, a loss is t ...2007.11.01 19:37:00
- The T2 ogres would, like any T2 drone compared to its T1 companion, have 20% more HP, speed, trackin ...2007.11.01 17:39:00
- You know it's impossible to buy any order but the lowest right ? No matter which order you choose an ...2007.11.01 04:15:00
- Nanofiber Internal Structure is the most important one, as it decreases your mass and so gives you a ...2007.10.31 20:51:00

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