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- T'Senthor,35,68,77,83,88,121,137,141,143,150,151,166,168 ...2011.07.30 23:57:00
- Ok, so. Now that you got this far. Make use of some more of these 30 bits you got available to play ...2011.05.31 15:38:00
- Two questions,1) I assume your standing increase is in reference to "base standing" not effective st ...2011.04.05 02:30:00
- The patch did NOT fix the API bug.Skill points assigned using the "apply..." function do not show up ...2010.12.16 13:13:00
- Is there anything equivalent to this for .NET?I considered trying to run it using IronPython, but th ...2010.11.05 10:27:00

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