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- Edited by: Obax Bannon on 23/08/2011 11:51:48 Yeah I would say the harder Rad/Mag sites would be a ...2011.08.23 11:42:00
- Edited by: Kirana Si on 22/08/2011 19:15:41 +55% DAMAGE -27% AOE VELOCITY -27% DRONE VELOCITY -2 ...2011.08.23 09:09:00
- Well my next door neighbours teenage daughter was sunbathing topless in their garden at the weekend, ...2011.08.22 15:41:00
- Would the WH crowd accept this:ABC ore is removed...Moons in WH's now have minable minerals?This wou ...2011.08.22 15:34:00
- Ive never seen the CSM do anything other than represent the large scale alliances. If they broke the ...2011.08.19 09:24:00
- big boys get the cookies, deal with itNo, big boys gets punched in the crotch by smaller boys who th ...2011.08.17 09:07:00
- Should have arranged for him to warp to a 'wormhole' that didnt exist. Tackled him there, popped an ...2011.08.17 08:58:00
- BUMP for a great bunch of guys Hope your all doing well out there in Phoenix ...2011.08.16 11:39:00
- when police pulls you over and you assure them that the guy you ran over was in lowsec.That made me ...2011.08.15 19:08:00
- Your assumption is that, other than ABC distribution, all things would stay equal, that's a false ...2011.08.11 14:15:00
- I have briefly looked through the thread and posts here and no-one seems to have posted about the fa ...2011.08.11 13:14:00
- Awww need a hug before you take your pills this morning bro ? ...2011.08.11 11:01:00
- Hi Yvenn, We have also been living in a C3 Mag for a while now. The spawn rate varies alot in our ex ...2011.08.04 12:08:00
- You do realize we will be buying Gold... P's for AUR right? I need one coz mine is tiny./cChribba, o ...2011.08.03 11:57:00
- In regards of CCP trampling on its customers I was referring to email/newsletter etc. Every company ...2011.07.30 11:40:00

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