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- i remember when active players was 2-3 thousand :) ...2009.07.02 15:54:00
- to sum up this whole thread: whine whine, EVE is too hard, whine whine, make EVE easier whine whine ...2009.07.02 13:42:00
- i admit i am a bit biased against those that do not have the mental capacity to get out of a wet pa ...2009.06.25 00:06:00
- ohh yes, empire pvp would benfit from this as well, due to the various corps vying for the moons. ...2009.03.27 11:50:00
- there were no battleships when EVE started, but nowdays you can start fresh as a noob and get into ...2009.03.27 03:19:00
- in 0.0 and lowsec you have the ability to mine from moons, but not in 0.5 and above. why not ma ...2009.03.26 23:18:00
- ok. so say you have a 7.0 standing with ammatar mandate, and under their info tab it says they contr ...2008.12.23 03:51:00
- thanx guys :) ...2008.12.15 04:55:00
- Edited by: Commander Sten on 15/12/2008 01:27:06 situation:you are moving some stuff out of 0.0 at ...2008.12.15 01:25:00
- For the last time, if your computer uses vacume tubes then yes, you will have lag problems. Me? ...2007.01.29 04:36:00
- i get no lag, even when in jita , or in 50 man blob wars./shrugs, its fun to laugh at the people th ...2007.01.29 04:33:00
- Scoop is when your drones are within 1500m of your ship. Return to Bay makes them fly back to your ...2007.01.24 13:08:00
- yes OP, thanx for showing us all what you really are. ...2007.01.24 05:27:00
- no, the real solution is.... Grow some balls ...2007.01.24 05:26:00
- lol, this post reminds me of last week when i caught and dragged a 14 yr old and a 13 yr old back in ...2007.01.24 02:00:00

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