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- As much as I do not like your poltics or methods such endurance and fortitude is to be saluted.So on ...2011.05.07 04:53:00
- Since your little brats can't seem to shut up and leave me in peace I must now hunt them down and ...2011.03.20 06:13:00
- ooook and I thought I had problems....Oh well didn't know him, don't care about him, hope he didn't ...2011.03.05 04:24:00
- I'm still unconvinced that this is not a prank.If it's a prank at least it's good one.Bell welcome, ...2011.02.04 05:37:00
- Jade, honestly I am at a loss here. I've never felt what your expressing. Maybe once, but that was l ...2011.02.04 05:24:00
- THAT'S IT FOR I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.You sansha have kept me awake for months with you incessant noise. T ...2011.02.03 05:12:00
- Well far be it for us to disappoint.....-He-Hem....To: "Master" KuvakeiFrom: Mad MurganRE: Can you t ...2011.02.03 04:59:00
- Unity is strength. Keep posting, targets.Come get some then, maybe I'll silence at least your voice. ...2011.02.01 05:24:00
- Ok, I'll be the first to admit I am not the most eloquent of people, or that I can even speak in a m ...2011.02.01 05:17:00
- Love, me tell you a story Grim Tone of a man who once loved. He gave ...2011.01.31 05:26:00
- A five day party!?! With posturing?....I'll skip the posturing, how do you get an invite to the part ...2010.11.11 21:31:00
- Edited by: Mad Murgan on 11/11/2010 21:17:36 Sounds like the man in question has an obsessed fan-gi ...2010.11.11 21:17:00
- quote] I'm sorry, I mean dear, sweet Victoria and I have a bit of a history. In short, about six ...2010.11.11 21:01:00
- The plot thickens. *popcorn*Need a drink while I'm up? ...2010.11.11 20:21:00
- Edited by: Mad Murgan on 08/11/2010 06:50:41 um...Ms. Sinti... Could you please not insult my frie ...2010.11.08 06:48:00

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