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- something I thought of from reading this thread is to do it so rather than doing all the movement ca ...2011.09.05 08:25:00
- This video is better.I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to steal that link and start spamming it e ...2011.09.04 04:47:00
- You want to immerse people into the game more, then make it happen. I hear people complain about t ...2011.09.03 20:05:00
- why? if they are getting to the point where a close costs a painful amount, then they should have th ...2011.09.03 19:59:00
- I would guess by his use of the word app, that he means a version for running on Ios or Android. ...2011.09.02 17:00:00
- *poke poke* anyone else? ...2011.09.02 08:50:00
- Faction hurricane for the win. bumpthere would be cyclones not canesNavy Issue Harbi for the win. i ...2011.08.29 12:28:00
- for the sunglasses, I agree. I want something like this. right now I have the closest thing possible ...2011.08.27 22:13:00
- 2 MB of space? what are you trying to run this on? as to the client. maybe make a version of the cl ...2011.08.27 08:30:00
- yes, please, I don't like being told to train into another race of ships or guns just to be accepted ...2011.08.26 06:53:00
- I should also note, this is not just deadspace or officer, this would include T2, meta 1-4, and fact ...2011.08.24 05:59:00
- Edited by: Nezumiiro Noneko on 24/08/2011 05:39:11 indy's wouldn't be happy with that 50%. They do ...2011.08.24 05:49:00
- the idea is that you could reverse engineer a BPC out of any item you own. so say you have deadspa ...2011.08.24 05:20:00
- 2/10 might catch some people who are not up to date. if not a troll, holy crap no, everything here ...2011.08.23 06:28:00
- while voice recognition is doing well, for some reason I see wars getting started because of a stran ...2011.08.19 17:51:00

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