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- supply/demand But the new ship will bring new interest to mining so there will be more supply so t ...2008.11.10 23:32:00
- Maybe I am just new but wouldn't the prices go down due to new interest in mining? P.S. I have HBO ...2008.11.10 22:16:00
- I'd happily invest in this, put me down for 1 mil in shares. I may try something like this my self ...2008.11.10 15:29:00
- Ok, I am trying to revive this lotto with since it has been linked in the sticky. The reason that t ...2008.11.09 22:39:00
- I heard something about new changes to missiles as well... reducing their damage by 60% even if you ...2008.11.04 22:00:00
- Reserved- ...2008.10.19 17:51:00
- Edited by: General Yassir on 20/10/2008 18:50:20 So this is my first event of this kind so I don't ...2008.10.19 17:48:00

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