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- Bump for a friend ...2011.06.24 20:28:00
- Buyout accepted plz transfer isk to Vissios Altacras as soon as im off from work in few hours char w ...2011.06.24 20:26:00
- Starting bid lowered ...2011.06.24 13:22:00
- Edited by: Vissios Altacras on 24/06/2011 13:21:28 WTS myself. Nice PVP pilot.Character Specials:* ...2011.06.24 12:10:00
- isk recieved in game, transfer in 24hours once roles drop ...2011.03.23 01:37:00
- 6.5 buyout confirmed, waiting for isk, transfer will happen in 24hrs once corp is dropped ...2011.03.23 01:35:00
- Daily bump, great eve guy for cheap ...2011.03.22 16:58:00
- Edited by: Vissios Altacras on 21/03/2011 22:44:48 28.3mil SP great charThis guy is great if you li ...2011.03.21 22:35:00
- As of this post the Manasi character is no longer in the sys-k alliance, so they can't represent tha ...2011.02.15 18:19:00
- So sys-k gets to be on the panel even though the alliance is dead at this point, and may be closed/d ...2011.02.14 23:24:00
- The issue isn't drakes, it's armor hac fleets and their overpowered logistics.With sig and speed tan ...2010.10.24 08:29:00
- Sov grinds are already boring enough, no need to make the HP sinks a bigger waste of time.I would su ...2010.10.24 08:07:00
- Remember back in the day when goons used to hold space?Quotin this for laterThis will be your person ...2010.06.14 23:07:00
- Wow, this entire thread is just people complaining that they gimmick they abused to make money is no ...2010.06.14 22:59:00
- Edited by: Vissios Altacras on 11/06/2010 04:17:26 mail me ingame for hot hot alliance action, we a ...2010.06.11 04:17:00

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