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- I've always felt that be all and end all ship fits were detrimental to the game, when everyone fits ...2008.07.26 08:18:00
- I disagree, with the nerf viable ship options for PvP'ers greatly increase because your fit does not ...2008.07.26 07:27:00
- A borderless window mode is basicly what I want. When I said fullscreen I was thinking of the option ...2008.01.11 09:29:00
- As someone who uses two monitors I enjoy the ability to multitask easily. Since EVE is inherently a ...2008.01.10 11:46:00
- I believe DNA Mutators are going to be something like this, expensive one-time use drugs that will a ...2006.04.04 04:11:00
- As always its up to the market to determine pricing, with the right contacts you can get a good pric ...2006.03.30 07:56:00
- Missile Launcher Operations. They nerfed cruise missiles the week after ;) ...2006.03.21 18:32:00
- I think adding more learning skills is a mistake. ...2006.03.20 16:59:00
- Yeah I'll have to go back on that statement. Turns out I have 90k research points, I'll read it prop ...2006.03.17 00:44:00
- I'm gonna toss this here since its the closests forum I can find on the subject and its "sorta" skil ...2006.03.16 11:55:00
- I cant see a reason why this isn't a good idea, CCP gets more customers, they get more money and thu ...2006.03.14 17:15:00
- I feel really bad for leaving so early but I really felt like I'd throw up at one point (damn!) And ...2004.12.05 07:19:00
- Bit late confirmation but I'm coming. PIE have set up a blockade at the train station but I'll be re ...2004.12.03 03:03:00
- Demiurge was originally taken from Lucasarts game Afterlife which I played many years ago. I've been ...2004.11.30 04:20:00

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