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- Using a capital ship located in 0.5+ in PVP has been deemed a bannable offence by GMs, so unless you ...2007.05.07 20:02:00
- Welcome to capital-online. If you have not played the game for three years, get the hell out of 0.0 ...2007.05.07 19:55:00
- Cut CCP a small break. This entire thing blew up over the weekend of the games 4th Birthday. The f ...2007.05.06 17:25:00
- 1. POS bowling has been ruled to NOT be an exploit.It should be, I have yet to see any reply stating ...2007.05.06 14:25:00
- Bump attempts earlier today Capital gang warping in to bumpAfter watching those videos, I have to s ...2007.05.06 13:10:00
- My stuff... The fact that it is possible to escape a Doomsday if you are expecting it does not mean ...2007.05.03 22:05:00
- Edited by: Fubear on 03/05/2007 21:10:47 I'm not losing because I suck, I'm losing because another ...2007.05.03 21:11:00
- How does that fix blobs? It means that controlling your frontier isn't enough - if one of your gate ...2007.05.03 14:59:00
- You need to get out into 00 and get in with some of the fleet battles that go on.Those battles are e ...2007.05.02 17:39:00
- The Titan as a ship is fine when used in its 'intended' role - that of a mobile logistics station.It ...2007.05.02 13:31:00
- # My character name(s): All# My solar system: Any# My time: Any (Euro TZ, but am told the issue it n ...2007.04.19 10:37:00
- 0.0 Bad: Anything to do with POS's, Anything to do with Capitals, Anything to do with Sovereignit ...2007.04.12 14:23:00
- Were you using the new-and-improved-lag-reducing-skill-point-based fleet system that was supposed to ...2007.04.12 13:56:00
- That is really a nice question, hope someone has the balls in answering them as I and a lot of other ...2007.03.30 20:21:00
- Edited by: Fubear on 29/03/2007 22:55:18 The real question is, what was BoB's objective? To defend ...2007.03.29 22:54:00

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