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- Signed . afk indicator FTW ...2006.01.23 14:04:00
- I was mining solo again tonight and have thought about contracting out my services, But after much o ...2006.01.22 13:49:00
- I am downloading your rolled back resFace now rantor fingers crossed.But to everyone who reads this ...2006.01.14 12:30:00
- Yeah im having a crash to desktop issue every time a portrait is generated .Im running a integrated ...2006.01.14 12:17:00
- Edited by: oneeye crusader on 14/01/2006 12:13:31 A couple of points here.> someone mentioned that ...2006.01.14 12:13:00
- Hi,I am a vetren miner who has been out of the game for a few months . I have a Indy and a med barge ...2006.01.14 11:58:00
- I would like to see better mods for mining . I mean strip miners are good and all. But a Ice Miner a ...2005.10.13 10:09:00
- I like the idea of differnt size's. Mabey like the mining barges. lvl one needs Fleet Artty Skill lv ...2005.10.12 08:36:00
- im all for alt's i use two atm. but i agree stupidly named throw-away alts are the most annoying thi ...2005.10.11 21:10:00
- Easy way to fix the fuel issue, when you launch the gate its already fueled up. But it has only enou ...2005.10.09 05:02:00
- i agree make the drone bay expander like the probe launcher eg high slot. that way my badger mk2 cou ...2005.10.07 22:11:00
- i dont know what movie you oversea people have been watching but the aussie version was very dodgy i ...2005.10.07 21:59:00
- if these got implemented i might train to get my stealth bomber. sounds wicked! signed ...2005.09.30 23:03:00
- captain kirk i see a scorpion on the scanner bring up the fleet gun! i like it /me signs ...2005.09.30 22:46:00
- Edited by: oneeye crusader on 30/09/2005 22:36:46 Oh hell yeah. I'm all for programable manuvers . ...2005.09.30 22:35:00

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