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- I love my Domi, though I know a raven will run missions faster. But sentries take the flight time of ...2007.08.01 19:31:00
- I love my sentries more than any other drones; my Domi is set up for sniping, so they are my primar ...2007.08.01 14:20:00
- Alright, since the offer has been sitting around for a few days and on page six already: 110m, contr ...2007.07.24 14:22:00
- I have been working diligently with L3 and L4 agents of Republic Security Services (RSS) in the hope ...2007.07.23 16:08:00
- MP posted awhile ago that he was having major RL issues (grave illness of a family member). ...2007.07.17 14:36:00
- *nods*Yep, basically what y'all wrote agrees with my thoughts. Caps is like ISK to ships, the more i ...2007.07.06 15:41:00
- I have yet to do any rigorous calculations as to what would be best to fit into the last rig slot of ...2007.07.06 14:02:00
- Edited by: Remedios Sonrisa on 05/07/2007 17:00:51 You have two alt characters at log in. Build one ...2007.07.05 17:00:00
- The reason I had #2 in my OP was that since CCP insists in giving us scraps, why not allow us to ref ...2007.06.25 18:45:00
- (a) do they serve a special purpose, other than to annoy salvaging ships by taking up space?(b) sinc ...2007.06.25 15:26:00
- Edited by: Remedios Sonrisa on 21/06/2007 14:34:34 Game mechanically speaking, average mission comp ...2007.06.21 14:36:00
- Possibly, but these are t2 drones that I recalled to the bay well before their shields were deleted. ...2007.06.21 14:17:00
- Edited by: Remedios Sonrisa on 21/06/2007 14:18:24 2) is CCP intentionally screwing over mission ru ...2007.06.21 14:04:00
- Edited by: Remedios Sonrisa on 21/06/2007 13:30:29 Doh, thanks much, Xparky! P.S. At work, can't se ...2007.06.21 13:31:00
- Something odd occured to me this morning that I had not experienced before now. Whilst doing a missi ...2007.06.21 12:59:00

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