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- Everything is OK! Things are in perJOINTHEHERDfect order, nothing to worry about. Go back to you bus ...2011.05.06 22:34:00
- Edited by: WishBlade on 06/05/2011 22:34:23 Everything is OK! Things are in perJOINTHEHERDfect orde ...2011.05.06 09:43:00
- Edited by: WishBlade on 06/05/2011 09:41:36 tastes funny ...2011.05.06 09:40:00
- According to xkcd forums it's not an xkcd original. ...2011.04.25 00:32:00
- Why do I feel like I'm supposed to hear "Dudley Doolittle to the Rescue" after the narrator laid out ...2011.04.25 00:18:00
- unofficial channel, which of course only a pilot in Maelstrom would know I was in Maelstrom, and I ...2011.04.25 00:09:00
- My co-worker is not an object you bastard!But I'll more, than happily use her. ...2011.04.18 19:10:00
- On a more important, but related note: What in the hell does a ripped superstructure look like befor ...2011.04.14 19:54:00
- Could have used one more "BRRRR" at the end for drama ...2011.04.14 13:37:00
- Oh, so good!I have to know what music you used just before the first title show (Where the letters d ...2011.04.02 18:43:00
- I have an LG 24 incher hooked to my PC at 1092x1080, and I have tiny font issues as well. Every chat ...2011.04.01 21:26:00
- I work as an archiver's assistant, and I could play EvE at work quite a lot, but sadly CCP does not ...2011.04.01 20:57:00
- yes i did. but if u hover over the link. they are all dummy links. "" none actually ...2011.04.01 20:51:00
- So, StevieSG's epic cleavage, and you're interested in Verone's hairdo? Sir, have a seat. I have so ...2011.04.01 19:48:00
- What do the tiger, and Siegfried have in common? They both know what Roy tastes like. ...2011.04.01 19:40:00

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