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- I guess the question would be then, is there any way to give miners/industrialists a reasonable chan ...2010.04.30 16:49:00
- Mining missions used to have some merit when they first came out, but they were quickly nerfed so no ...2010.04.26 20:56:00
- It depends what you compare it to.If you can not find any good belts within your area, ice is a gaur ...2010.04.23 20:07:00
- I was wondering if anyone has tried this particular combination?I have been pondering trying out EVE ...2010.04.22 15:10:00
- I seem to be getting these now too. The client thinks it is still connected, but is not. I seem to ...2010.04.21 16:55:00
- Edited by: Nekopyat on 13/04/2010 17:11:57 i heard CCP actually plays EVE...I think that is part of ...2010.04.13 17:02:00
- All this stargate-travelling is so unimpressive. I wish there was a possibility to actually "warp" ...2010.04.13 03:06:00
- I guess this finally puts to rest the issue of that peep who used probing to jump all the way to Jov ...2010.04.13 02:55:00
- I was under the impression that the whole walking in stations feature would be entirely optional and ...2010.04.02 03:14:00
- But unless the user base of the Mac takes up a larger market share of CCP's player base, It does not ...2010.03.24 14:40:00
- User error. When I went to the download page it looked like current client version was 138241, high ...2010.03.24 14:30:00
- Actually, I wonder if this could potentially be a 'solution' to the 'problem' of too many minerals c ...2010.03.24 02:52:00
- I hate to start a new thread for this, but I could not find any non-locked ones already (my bad if I ...2010.03.24 02:39:00
- Responding to a bit of a necro thread....One of the reasons CCP is unlikely to build a OSX native cl ...2010.03.24 02:31:00
- I am really nervous about this very question. I am worried I might have to quit EVE over a feature ...2010.03.23 20:08:00

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