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- There are no macros in Eve. They are all sweatshot operations. ...2008.07.03 12:00:00
- Waawaa. I have no problems with my cap lasting only 3 minutes at this moment. In that time everythin ...2008.07.03 11:59:00
- Not about playing but it's good to give those who are more active something as reward => being bette ...2008.07.03 11:56:00
- Meh, nothing wrong in griefing. Griefing in high sec is required for sanity. ...2008.07.03 11:55:00
- Can I have your stuff? ...2008.07.01 10:50:00
- Windows is a thing of the past. Proper 64-bit Linux allows me to use the computer without distractio ...2008.06.20 11:51:00
- It is a common false assumption that porting DirectX applications to Linux (using SDL & co) would be ...2008.06.20 11:47:00
- I don't mind so much that carriers get nerfed as jump-haulers. BUT. It IS a big deal that ships in ...2007.11.06 19:15:00
- I'm simply saying that the aggressors (bad guys) always seem to pick fights on people where they kno ...2007.11.06 17:36:00
- I agree with the OP whole-heartedly. It would be nice to clean up the skill tree by removing all the ...2007.11.06 17:30:00
- In my opinion, that's not fun, no matter how you try to justify it. Granted, the people doing the b ...2007.11.06 17:28:00
- Can I have your stuff? ...2007.11.06 17:24:00
- Comedy thread ...2007.11.06 17:23:00
- Isn't Rancer still even nowadays a good bet? ...2007.11.05 18:09:00
- we haven't had any reports of officers being spawned any where since " the big hack" has any had 1? ...2007.11.05 18:03:00

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