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- Hi again,Update on the above post: we've looked at the concerns brought up here, and done another ...2011.03.28 18:35:00
- All you are accomplishing with this will be to encourage more empty systems in 0.0. Zero space is n ...2011.03.27 04:17:00
- It just really goes to show how far out of touch CCP is with its player base. blah blah blahWTF are ...2011.03.22 19:16:00
- Was thinking of renewing my sub after this was done, thing i'll just pass now.* Eternum will now in ...2010.05.27 02:16:00
- Edited by: TraderRefinerJane on 04/02/2010 21:15:40 CCP, this devblog is probably the most failure ...2010.02.05 20:06:00
- Anomalies don't despawn, hope this is not working as intended. ...2009.12.04 15:57:00
- Edited by: Tippia on 24/07/2009 22:59:03 they are, unfortunately outnumbered by total ****s who see ...2009.07.25 08:11:00
- CCP I luv u guys, but seriously patch deployment needs some attention, I mean look at the last few r ...2009.06.30 00:54:00
- I aggree that hi sec does not need to lead to easy isk , but i think its a matter of time when most ...2009.06.21 03:42:00
- /signed. Miss the old epic feel. ...2009.04.24 03:05:00
- Same, only I'm stuck in "Entering in space". This is after I assembled and jumped into a T3 ship.I h ...2009.02.14 16:40:00
- "breaking news flash, the torp golem is one of the best mission ships" - EvE 2007This. If you are n ...2008.05.27 02:37:00
- My alt in Molden Heath is having the same problem. Can see market trends and group data, but no ind ...2008.03.13 20:05:00
- tbh they gave us boobs on busy sorting my anin collection into 2 containers.i will be spe ...2008.03.13 04:32:00
- Edited by: Morp p''LLoran on 12/12/2007 05:37:38 Between all the whines, threats, verbal abuse , ec ...2007.12.12 04:54:00

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