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- Edited by: Francis Verdictio on 13/04/2008 11:39:38You can make all the arguments in the world why w ...2008.04.13 11:14:00
- It's not actually only related to having EVE in the C-partition, and even if the file gets deleted, ...2007.12.07 02:44:00
- It's always best to check prices from the market tab before buying anything. Otherwise you may end u ...2007.11.23 00:00:00
- Umm, getting a single unit of some random salvage isn't really hot potatoes. Farming lvl4's for salv ...2007.01.30 20:22:00
- OP: What does an invuln II go for on serenity?Whatever he says it goes for... :D ...2006.12.27 23:53:00
- It just might be the agent offer expired if you haven't been online for a few days. They don't stay ...2006.12.21 09:40:00
- And I was wondering why the peaceful North was laggy last night... That explains it, all the hamster ...2006.12.18 11:53:00
- Heh, it takes me so long to do Lvl4 missions in my Domi that the first stage's cans usually pop befo ...2006.11.19 16:20:00
- Don't forget to train negotiations, for increase in benefits from the missions. ...2006.11.19 13:56:00
- Only if you have a handy Player Owned Starbase (POS) or a carrier handy, with their Ship Maintainanc ...2006.11.19 12:16:00
- Well, you could always slap a cloak on the Vexor, or some bigger ship, and leave it idling cloaked i ...2006.11.19 12:10:00
- I'd also be wary of anyone selling a T2 BPO on ebay. Most likely you'll just get scammed there too. ...2006.10.26 10:03:00
- Slap your drones out, often they decide on their own to attack whoever's shooting at you. Not the mo ...2006.10.25 07:55:00
- Well, you'll need to do some spreadsheeting and figure out which ones give you more ISK total...Then ...2006.10.22 10:49:00
- Besides, random ganker of cyno ships gets quickly pwned when the carrier drops into the field, provi ...2006.10.12 08:16:00

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