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- Your thoughts?It doesn't really address AFK cloaking or change the way cloakers operate.Sure it does ...2011.04.29 23:26:00
- I more focused on the mechanics that appear to contradict themselves.Not much to focus on, then.Noth ...2011.04.29 23:15:00
- I had several response all typed up and then I got to this part of my last post which for some reaso ...2011.04.29 23:04:00
- Are you lot still banging on about this? Really? Loot belongs to the mission runner, the wreck is sa ...2011.04.29 22:45:00
- …which is still sooner than before.Its a start, and lets not forget, those bots use cloaks too. So ...2011.04.29 22:17:00
- You're not avoiding them, then.I guess its how you use the word I avoid concord by not doing anythin ...2011.04.29 21:51:00
- By (still) running his bots, rather than having them shut downHe has to take time to find the cloake ...2011.04.29 21:11:00
- Not really, no.No? Speak from experience? How does one make money while he is trying to find a clo ...2011.04.29 19:55:00
- Not really. You can do things to not trigger CONCORD; avoiding them is bannable.Not really, I avoid ...2011.04.29 19:45:00
- Because it is also possible to remove the wreck without getting CONCORDed and because the mechanic t ...2011.04.29 19:25:00
- Edited by: HeIIfire11 on 29/04/2011 18:50:01 Question about wrecks. It my mission, the wreck is em ...2011.04.29 18:54:00
- Question about wrecks. It my mission, the wreck is empty, can I shoot the wreck? Can anyone else s ...2011.04.29 18:44:00
- Anyone. The bot's handlers, should it come to thatWait a minute, whats wrong with that? If you make ...2011.04.29 18:24:00
- They should just bring back the aoe torp. The blob was never an issue back then. Dead and podded pla ...2011.04.29 18:10:00
- Because it would be possible to track down bot-harassersBy whom the bots themselves? Plus if you ca ...2011.04.29 17:42:00

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