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- Istvaan told me to do it. He said it's so we would be relevant again. Sorry ...2009.06.25 14:46:00
- Always nice to see the ruin a forum post can wreck on the unsuspecting (So where is my cut?) ...2009.06.25 14:36:00
- A source of intrigue It may be approaching four in the morning and I may be somewhat delirious with ...2009.06.21 17:33:00
- Speaking for myself, I would be more confident in investing when I know the board of trustees are be ...2009.06.21 17:21:00
- Even if it is to say "So long and thanks for all the ISK!" ...2009.06.21 11:13:00
- "I tried to post to the EVE Online Forum and all I got was this lousy T-shirt - or at least I would ...2009.06.17 15:00:00
- Confirming that you absolutely fail for requesting more Marauders. Subsequently confirming that the ...2009.06.17 03:40:00
- However it is my professional opinion that the only feasible option for dBank, at this time, is to s ...2009.06.17 03:29:00
- Excellent! When I switch back to my old campus next semester I'll have another sloppy-coding/unforse ...2009.06.15 17:46:00
- Also, if you want to literally make your lasers blue, fit Gamma crystals.(That is all I have to add. ...2009.06.15 17:26:00
- You might want to do more than just aspire when it comes to doing your own EFT Warrioring, if you're ...2009.06.15 17:24:00
- Back in 2004 when Assault Ships where in the pipeline and still called "Escort Ships" they where des ...2009.06.15 17:16:00
- Looking for aspiring EFT warriors to put together a cloaking Proteus with probe launcher for finding ...2009.06.15 08:15:00
- I guess we'll have to do something to regain relevance, then. Remember me when you're famous (again ...2009.06.15 08:10:00
- You have me at a disadvantage as I don't know the reference "c/d". I believe it means "confirm or d ...2009.06.15 08:09:00

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