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- 1) Split weapons systems (the root of the Naglfar problem). All split weapon ships should not have a ...2009.04.17 19:26:00
- As someone that works a lot with end user applications and user interface design, I have to say that ...2009.02.14 18:32:00
- Max Mexx has nailed one that I see constantly with the carrier/mum corp hangar opening. There is sti ...2009.01.10 03:57:00
- Exact item search on contracts is broken. It now returns all matching sub items if the item category ...2008.11.12 06:21:00
- Training guide for newbies mostly was the way the dev blog was selling it. Not really useful for exp ...2008.11.12 00:26:00
- In previous patches they have disabled the API for about 24hrs post patch. I would expect similar be ...2008.11.12 00:25:00
- I'll agree with the others here that Barge V seems like the wrong pre-req for a non-mining ship. Tra ...2008.10.23 15:34:00
- Installed a new patch panel in the server closet of our new office and rewired several rooms. If I d ...2008.09.02 21:51:00
- An EvE Online/CCP T-Shirt was spotted wandering around here at SIGGRAPH. Any other EvE people here a ...2008.08.12 20:36:00
- Adding my Two Thumbs Up to it. Awesome! Even my WoW-playing friends were very impressed by it.Hope t ...2008.06.02 17:17:00
- My company, along with several partners, is within months of releasing something that goes one-step ...2008.03.16 14:52:00
- I don't have any numbers, just real world flight experience in active PvP gangs both in Lowsec and 0 ...2008.02.14 03:09:00
- I've been contemplating over the last few days whether I should make a similar post. Someone beat me ...2007.12.30 06:33:00
- Jump doesn't work for the market window getting stuck. Dock sometimes does, but not 100% ...2007.12.18 19:33:00
- One of the areas to look at with those high SP characters in NPC corps is to see how long they stay ...2007.12.01 22:07:00

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