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- Neverstopbelievinginyourself whining threadnoughtsOk that one works less well we should hold a sympo ...2009.03.24 18:05:00
- Anyways, I totally agree with Oro - something's wrong with the Tribune. It used to cover almost al ...2007.11.07 23:04:00
- Buying a million for Hoegarden ...2007.11.02 17:57:00
- Hey guys just a heads up, maybe if this was a good thing for small alliances some small alliances I ...2007.11.02 13:50:00
- Edited by: Frodo Teabaggins on 01/11/2007 22:53:53 Im thinking CCP has a nerf dart board, and when ...2007.11.01 22:55:00
- lol i love how 4/5 of the replies are goons and you try to deny it.I said that there were 16 posts ...2007.11.01 22:43:00
- Edited by: Maxim Powers on 01/11/2007 21:40:11 gee, i wonder if a certain alliance is staging anoth ...2007.11.01 21:39:00
- They did. Titans can't jump bridge them anymore.I suspect this was done to prevent people from usi ...2007.11.01 21:26:00
- Seriously though, it's one thing to make combat ships incapable of logistics work, but to make logis ...2007.11.01 21:14:00
- CCP went seriously crazy...they really want to kill the gameApparantly nerfing the money-making capa ...2007.11.01 21:09:00
- and reduced the agility mod by a factor of 10Nah, lower is better ...2007.11.01 21:04:00
- Edited by: Maxim Powers on 01/11/2007 21:03:34 This is horrific, really incredibly horrific. ...2007.11.01 20:58:00
- Hope you guys need less than 2 months (which took you to conquer the undefended 9-9) 9-9 was only ...2007.11.01 12:08:00
- I can hook you up with a few CORM guys if you really want the scoop, op.they're different "races" an ...2007.11.01 09:24:00
- ill do it for 799.9999999m/week undercutting goons on the open market ittGod dammit, don't sell w ...2007.11.01 09:22:00

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