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- Confirming Chunky was killed by an industrial ship. ...2009.10.25 09:57:00
- Looking to buy a Redeemer Black-Ops battleship. Fittings is a bonus. I need it delivered to around S ...2009.05.28 08:29:00
- sold, no more offers plz. ...2009.05.28 00:41:00
- buyout removed, reserve still in place, good offers will be considered. ...2009.05.26 23:00:00
- price lowered. bump. ...2009.05.26 10:29:00
- Edited by: mallina on 26/05/2009 23:00:36 Edited by: mallina on 26/05/2009 10:27:51 Edited by: mal ...2009.05.25 17:11:00
- Mini mouse II ...2007.12.22 00:34:00
- I actually had best results with:6x Heavy Pulse II, 1x Med Nos II Web, Disruptor, Injector 2x MAR ...2007.12.22 00:31:00
- 2 Guardians make for seriously effective logistics, considering if you get them to send cap to each ...2007.12.12 16:37:00
- There will be cake. A giant fruitcake, with SP standing on top of it, dancing, saying "eat me, eat ...2007.12.12 13:08:00
- Have you looked at a few of the people you've just called a "joe shmoe". I'm betting between them th ...2007.12.12 13:01:00
- Wow Lyria, you never give up do you? Using your alt shinsushi to agree with you all the time dosen't ...2007.12.12 11:04:00
- Zealot is a great anti-support boat and can make short work of frigs and most nanoHACs due to the ex ...2007.12.12 10:39:00
- did you really just cut and post from that other guys thread to tell us this?way to go spending well ...2007.12.12 10:15:00
- My only fear is the danger of the game becoming boring by new ingame technology that will bring ev ...2007.12.11 18:01:00

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