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- We are willing to purchase your killboard and alliance name. We have determined since the alliance ...2010.08.04 22:07:00
- As I said ealier the price would crash because to many people were sitting on stockpiles bought at 1 ...2009.12.21 22:35:00
- There are way to many people cutting each others throats in that market for the price to stay high o ...2009.12.21 17:02:00
- Sent isk to open accountPilious ...2009.12.17 03:03:00
- Are the shares actually backed up by mineral stores or is it based on the value and there is no hold ...2009.12.05 19:58:00
- Edited by: Pasha Cracken on 08/10/2009 01:56:05 It all belongs to me. For the last 3 months I have ...2009.10.08 03:41:00
- Rest In Peace my friend eve will not be the same with your loss ...2009.06.15 22:38:00
- I can safely say this was the single biggest fight I lived through. Replacing all those capitals wi ...2009.05.17 23:08:00
- If this is a reinforced node i don't want to play on a normal one anymore.... thanks WTF for bringin ...2009.05.17 17:59:00
- LAG winning this fight made it on 7 or 8 dread killmails before I got desynced and crashed shortly a ...2009.05.17 17:46:00
- ISK Sent ...2009.05.05 02:36:00
- Edited by: Pilious on 02/05/2009 21:20:26 Edited by: Pilious on 02/05/2009 21:19:52 I have not inv ...2009.05.02 21:19:00
- cheephough > I went all the way to U-S and all I got was a lousy titan killmail...Greatest Eve Nigh ...2009.04.16 04:19:00
- Edited by: ATARI BABY on 16/11/2008 22:21:10 melting your terrytory slowly. thats what happen if yo ...2008.11.18 18:28:00
- Obvious flame bait, however if you think we are missing a lot of our losses, please provide your API ...2008.05.05 18:53:00

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