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- There are clipping issues with some planets and moons which are placed too close and will cause you ...2011.07.29 11:59:00
- I really like eve but I wish they have a PVE option for people who don't want PVP forced down their ...2011.07.09 11:48:00
- EVE should never be more important than real life.I sincerely whish CCP Pann, her daughter and her f ...2011.06.26 17:22:00
- So I was sitting by a gate in a .3 sec system and killing some rats when a group jumped in and attac ...2011.05.17 16:50:00
- I like it how it is now. ...2011.05.03 16:07:00
- If you're just after your datacores get the Prowler. It's the fastest and aligns the quickest which ...2011.05.03 11:51:00
- The only thing that should be changed is to be able to use the tractor beam on all wrecks. Let the N ...2011.04.24 11:22:00
- Edited by: Mandos2k on 02/04/2011 11:57:16 They should remove the PvE thenWhy? What's wrong with a ...2011.04.02 11:56:00
- I guess that what I'm asking, is what have the devs done for PVE'rs and carebears lately?The proper ...2011.04.02 10:51:00
- Edited by: Jennifer Starling on 30/03/2011 21:42:31 You have to perceive EVE different. It is not t ...2011.03.31 13:36:00
- Post #14 from DeMichael Crimson I like Eve. It has one of the highest level of detail and game cont ...2011.03.30 17:43:00
- Enjoyed every second of it. Well done again! ...2011.03.28 17:39:00
- Thank you. ...2011.02.27 18:52:00
- Nice. Do you have a track list of your second video? ...2011.02.27 13:29:00
- to make EVE Voice work. It's rather pointless anyways. How do you tell your team that your client ju ...2011.02.27 11:43:00

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