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- Must be fun to be pointless,..Yes, it is fun. And that is the point. We don't join Goonfleet to ...2010.01.28 02:54:00
- Don't nerf missions. BOOST 00 belt ratting. Also, fix the damn CAs so they respawn as promised. P ...2009.12.08 09:30:00
- I'd love to see some more destroyers. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. MOAR DESTROYERS. ...2009.12.08 09:21:00
- You guys do realize it takes more than 4 probes sometimes? Those really pesky signatures need 6 to ...2009.12.02 11:58:00
- 6/10 without a doubt. 8/10 depending on the plex and your skill. Higher than that and you probably ...2009.12.02 11:51:00
- It's not really about IQ. Smarter people are not necessarily more emotionally fit :PI think there is ...2009.12.01 20:34:00
- Any average .4 system is far more dangerous than all but a few 0.0 systems.People keep saying stuff ...2009.11.09 12:35:00
- Read the 78 and climbing pages of protests by the Alliances. They are saying exactly that even if th ...2009.11.09 11:30:00
- I've never seen a 0.0 corp that didn't have at least some basic rules about what to train and in wha ...2009.11.09 10:43:00
- It's amusing to read the empire dwellers take on this. Basically, you guys are saying what you have ...2009.11.09 10:12:00
- If this is the edited version, I'm glad I never saw the original. In any case, I'm pretty sure any ...2009.10.30 08:30:00
- When I open my map, it sits there trying to load forever. The loading window just repeated flashes ...2009.10.26 18:59:00
- Edited by: Locke DieDrake on 17/09/2008 05:11:14 No DDD in Low Sec, so it's really just an oversize ...2008.09.17 05:11:00
- If star faction uses this to grief on faction warfare players, it'll be interesting to see the resul ...2008.09.17 04:53:00
- Edited by: Gort on 15/09/2008 19:16:42 hold on a sec, let me fill out your hurt feelings report: l ...2008.09.15 19:37:00

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