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- Are you able to anchor in .5 or .6 Khanid Kingdom? You don't list Khanid or Ammar but thought I'd a ...2007.11.01 23:34:00
- Got 2,000,000 (Two Million) of the stuff. Welcome to realistic offers. Eve-mail or post here.Located ...2007.10.26 21:10:00
- TY, for the info but ive already found the agents thro droping probes in 0.0 all i want to find out ...2007.05.18 00:18:00
- now will u give me afew bits of info? ...2007.05.17 23:02:00
- Nerf this and Nerf the pasive tank of the Drake the amount of dmg a drake can soak up pty much puts ...2007.01.28 11:35:00
- Every time i hear people talking about ther intys its always a crow and how they have pimped it with ...2006.09.05 17:54:00
- Well even tho the old way of jamming wasnt perfect i would still pref it to this **** we have right ...2006.09.05 17:41:00
- I know its old news but why is it taking CCP solong to fix sumfin which is very ****ED up, i mean is ...2006.09.05 05:23:00
- this is just a question that me and afew friends have been talking about and im just wondering wat e ...2006.08.23 19:27:00
- mostly needed to know if it can kill the blood sentinal with sentry drone ...2006.07.08 12:05:00
- Can an ishtar solo a 6/10 plex with sentry drones /// heavy and med drones and tank it??? ...2006.07.08 11:23:00
- im not going to say much because i only want to see wat other peoples views are but here goes we all ...2006.06.29 12:04:00
- Gunnery is rank 1 - Missile Launcher operation is also rank 1 Surgical Strike is rank 4 - Warhead ...2006.06.25 21:24:00
- im the baby ya gotta love me ...2006.05.12 05:36:00
- No, no one would simple why fit mass destabalizers when u can fit nos still kill a guys tank and ja ...2006.04.26 07:07:00

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