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- Also sometimes the installer doesn't work, when your wine emulates Win7 / Win2008.Installer was fine ...2011.07.14 07:26:00
- Hi everyone, I am trying to get Eve Installed on my system, I had installed the core fonts using win ...2011.07.12 13:41:00
- That is absolutely brilliant, thanks!Loving being able to close my plans again, means I don't feel s ...2009.10.28 12:02:00
- I have just noticed something that bugs me ever since spotting it...When you open the skill planner ...2009.10.18 23:03:00
- I must admit, when reading this, it did kind of make me thing of Google Apps, but there is a good ch ...2009.09.28 23:38:00
- Edited by: Sir Nimmo on 21/08/2009 11:01:51 Oh WOW!I am really loving this app! Just downloaded the ...2009.08.21 00:04:00
- Really looking forward to trying this out, hope it gets working soon. ...2009.08.20 20:09:00
- I thought it was a bit odd myself, but I came to the conclusion that if you can't run compression jo ...2009.08.19 11:17:00
- Well, I have just given this all a look from a Rorqual pilot's perspective and I am quite liking it. ...2009.08.18 22:42:00
- I've not been able to get onto Sisi for the last few days. Tried downloading the new client for Mac ...2009.05.28 00:25:00
- If you are in windowed mode, hit escape and then change the resolution that the game is playing at, ...2009.04.18 17:23:00
- Edited by: Sir Nimmo on 18/04/2009 17:28:45 Edited by: Sir Nimmo on 18/04/2009 17:18:25 This may b ...2009.04.18 17:12:00
- Yea, I am in the same boat mate, installed from the DVD I got from the shops when I ordered it, appl ...2009.04.17 19:08:00
- Yea, I am using Downthemall and I am still not getting the whole file, although I got to 12% instead ...2009.04.17 18:49:00
- Still having some troubles with the full client downloader unfortunately, not to worry though, I am ...2009.04.17 16:11:00

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