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- WTF. I thought we were getting rid of the orphans, not some eve corp or alliance. Very dissapointin ...2011.05.01 16:08:00
- Read Sun Tzu's Art of War, Go to west point for many years, train in the mountains of idontgivea**** ...2011.05.01 16:06:00
- LIKE!! Make it like a full sized station but with limited mass it can hold. It has no offensive cap ...2011.05.01 05:41:00
- Well alot of people have HIC 5 because A.) They use Hics alot whether it be pirating or 0.0. Or B.) ...2011.05.01 04:44:00
- Edited by: Sabine Demsky on 03/04/2011 05:44:07 Edited by: Sabine Demsky on 03/04/2011 05:39:54 Pr ...2011.04.03 05:39:00
- Im looking to do as the title suggest. Convo or evemail in game im very active and will be for the ...2011.04.02 01:01:00
- As the title says, i just want to get rid of this ship. Its in amamake at 2nd station. Not a kick o ...2011.03.31 04:18:00
- Those that hate are those that can't field them. <------ true talk. Haha those who field them, fiel ...2011.03.30 20:35:00
- Essentially it would be like the old Mothership, except no fighter bombers, no ecm burst, and it wou ...2011.03.30 19:15:00
- Could call for a some sort of t2 carrier with half the ehp and maybe can use alot of drones and figh ...2011.03.30 18:45:00
- lol takes me 30 minutes to do a 6/10 gurista plex, so when i get a combined drop of 2.1b ive really ...2011.03.30 15:47:00
- Everyday I wonder, why have I been forsaken? Must my past sins damn me to a life of eternal misery? ...2011.03.30 14:52:00
- I would like to see something changed for a SC when it is in lowsec. Either it can be pointed by no ...2011.03.30 14:32:00
- Hi, the best carrier for you would be the archon (amarr). You already have amarr BS 5, however you a ...2011.03.30 04:48:00
- Edited by: Sabine Demsky on 19/12/2010 18:48:52 There is a bug for MWD's and GMs wont acknowledge i ...2010.12.19 18:15:00

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