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- Dear Snot Shot; You use to do a better job of hiding that fact that your main is in BOBKENIT. ...2010.12.14 17:31:00
- a day has passed after i heard of this and i still cant stop crying why i life that unfair and alway ...2010.11.21 22:34:00
- i still cant get over this, its like loosing a sister ...i feel broken now ...2010.11.20 18:45:00
- i cant describe what im feeling just now, i met her on the last corpmeeting from ppn when she visite ...2010.11.20 17:11:00
- Funny since my upgunned StuG III will utterly rip through your pantherthere is only one gun to rule ...2010.09.17 06:50:00
- Edited by: Lilly Tigress on 14/09/2010 20:32:43 forming fleets of 70 guys wont save you -A- just sa ...2010.09.14 20:32:00
- What?Blaster Worm is Aneu?!?!? nope he isnt nut if you know atreu from the neverending story thats p ...2010.09.13 21:22:00
- Edited by: Lilly Tigress on 11/09/2010 21:40:54 in other news i prepare a list of all account shari ...2010.09.11 21:40:00
- Excuse me?Are you trying to give me bad conscience that we are NOT supporting you, after YOU reset u ...2010.09.11 20:56:00
- the only thing -A- can accomplish is ganking evacing alliances , was the same when goons left the so ...2010.09.01 21:58:00
- seeing the amount of evac freighters and haulers now from -A- , you wanna go down with your 80 men g ...2010.08.23 21:27:00
- accepted thx for business mate ...2010.08.18 00:41:00
- If Atlas is such a joke to you then perhaps you should BLUE fewer people when attacking them.why don ...2010.08.18 00:27:00
- as no one is responding offering 650 mio now if that elps, shacksman is the character to send to p ...2010.08.18 00:09:00
- Edited by: Lilly Tigress on 18/08/2010 00:11:25 send it to shacksman plz thx ...2010.08.17 22:10:00

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