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- We have opened the doors to persons interested in Black Ops and Stealth missions. We perform strateg ...2011.06.11 07:08:00
- Cranakis,I can do you one better...what if you don't have to scramble to make isk for ship replace ...2011.02.19 16:48:00
- From one Commander to another...lolSwing by NX PUB and chat it up...See if we are a good fit for y ...2011.02.19 16:42:00
- Kronos,Solar Nexus has built a strong reputation this last year, and we strive to continue this at ...2011.02.19 16:39:00
- V******,Gotta love when people that focused on industry decide to give PVP a shot... they tend to ...2011.02.19 16:27:00
- The second to last guy during the lyric that said "I was looking down..." was pretty cool. Always lo ...2011.02.19 16:19:00
- Rufus,We are a very active medium sized corp within one of the largest alliances in the game. We a ...2011.02.19 16:16:00
- Edited by: Commander OTG on 19/02/2011 16:07:58 Edited by: Commander OTG on 19/02/2011 16:06:24 Zu ...2011.02.19 16:06:00
- Your joke is something we live by...lolCompatibility is actually how we operate. We go but the "good ...2011.02.16 17:54:00
- still hoping that the 'perfect' corp is out there somewhereI couldn't agree with this statement more ...2011.02.16 17:47:00
- Not sure if you prefer the solitude of mining or like to do it in a group.We have a heavy industrial ...2011.02.16 17:10:00
- Like all the other Big Box Store alliance, we offer the same things...But we are heavy in the US tim ...2011.02.16 17:04:00
- Only a few slots left ...2011.02.16 00:09:00
- Did you not care for Sov space because you had to defend it all the time?There are certainly advanta ...2011.02.15 23:22:00
- All of us are pretty much the same...different side of the fence, different time zone so flip a coin ...2011.02.12 21:28:00

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