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- CCPs "soon" garbage and stall tactics on this made me emoragequit and stop my foot.Making new ships ...2009.08.04 22:20:00
- I feel...Hood Winked Run Amok Taken for my Cheese Bamboozled Even...I actually paid and kept trai ...2009.07.31 20:53:00
- Ok here is one!Why did CCP change the name for this section to "My EVE" Huh huh huh?...So people li ...2009.07.20 05:05:00
- Yesterday. yes, but it still does puff large ones. This should be a movie only forum...Anyhow... W ...2009.07.20 05:01:00
- hermot: lol indeed :D Vasili still plays EVE?this is the best vid ever made btw. Makes me smile eve ...2009.05.14 14:05:00
- @ OP: please filter through the ten pages of junk in the other post and post any pics of girlz you f ...2009.04.24 14:40:00
- I started to LOL about halfway thought the post and could not read anymore because i could not tell ...2009.04.24 14:34:00
- lolerskates. ...2009.04.24 14:31:00
- This is just marketing and advertisement.This. Fraps or it did not happen. ...2009.04.21 16:12:00
- lol.That is all. ...2009.04.19 17:57:00
- wow? ...2009.04.08 07:30:00
- I see what you did here. And there.Posting to confirm i loled. ...2009.04.07 19:34:00
- There once was a game called Eve whose forums my ears did make bleed. From all of the whines and ...2009.04.06 20:58:00
- There is lots of great ones. I'm sure you already know about clear skys... ...2009.04.06 14:30:00
- 120b - Talk to Entity he has uber kanuber assets / isk i just sit on mine like a claw till i get act ...2009.03.19 15:26:00

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