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- Your PSU is overstretched. Thats why it crashes when you start EvE. Other hardware starts comsuming ...2011.07.13 16:50:00
- Edited by: Dexxel Farcry on 13/07/2011 16:35:19 I need a job that will pay me at least $25 an hour, ...2011.07.13 16:34:00
- yeah, T2 strips sound like a Miner II, and it looks like it also, excpet blue, and only lasts for a ...2007.12.12 06:46:00
- They've taken us away against our own will because their survival depends on it. We humans have done ...2007.09.23 04:12:00
- Yeah I have a hard time trusting everything a sciantist says. One thoery will be rock solid, only to ...2007.09.22 00:30:00
- Edited by: Dexxel Farcry on 17/09/2007 05:10:22 Lots of misconceptions in this thread....#1. The Ma ...2007.09.17 05:07:00
- Ok, I've run memtest over night, it's fine. No issues. I think I have it narrowed down to something ...2007.09.15 06:17:00
- Edited by: Dexxel Farcry on 14/09/2007 06:20:19 Treid the suggesttions in that thread, but it's not ...2007.09.14 06:20:00
- I have run memtest, it's fine. There's gotta be someone that had a similar issue related to the vide ...2007.09.13 05:07:00
- After 10 seconds to 3 min of being out in space I crash. Hard. The screen goes black. I can still he ...2007.09.12 07:32:00
- Yes I do belive that there are aliens here. I know, I now, it's crazy and weird. Trust me, as as dow ...2007.09.11 07:08:00
- Good movie. Not intended to be historicly accurate as it is based off a graphic novel, which is loos ...2007.03.19 05:55:00
- Hello fellow industrialists! I had a qustion that needs some answering. I'm new to the game and am c ...2007.03.12 21:39:00
- I have the same issue. Doesn't happen everytime but once in a while. AMD athalon 3200 x1600 512 mb ...2007.03.11 09:10:00
- In most other MMO's breed can play a huge role in your development later on. I'm gearing my characte ...2007.03.08 23:40:00

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